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Home Theater with its own balcony

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I got back from my parental units house and back at the compound.

Let me get back to guys after answering all of NONE fan mail or Q&A.

I would share a disappointed picture of myself but I’m currently coloring my hair. My roots were wack!

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Ok, lovelies. I am going to go radio silent for 24 hrs while I go visit my parents. 💕
I’ll be answering any questions,fan mail and everything else when I get home Friday Night.

Until then.

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Accepting Q&A

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Every now and then someone asks if my boobs are real.

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Fritos foot. #dog #rasputin

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When I drink..

I get naughty.. and need to be punished sometimes with spanks.

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Ring marks

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Drunk and want to kiss

Any female takers?

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Found at

Cosplay/makeup by Me

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Due to slight sickness I’ve been fighting off all week the Aquaman cosplay photo shoot might be postponed until I feel better.

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Will Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden release outside of Japan? We hope so, if only to see scaredy-cats fall backwards as spirits come hurtling towards their GamePads. 

The Wii U entry hits Japan on September 27. To find out more about it, point your lenshere.

Sadly the last one didn’t get an American release so I have no hope that this one won’t get an American release. *tears*